Working the night shift

Working the night shift
Just because a critter prefers a lively nightlife to a daytime schedule does not make it scary or somehow evil. In fact, some of the most interesting wildlife species are nocturnal (active at night) or crepuscular (active at dawn and dusk). Like humans …
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Empire Episode 5 Recap: Please Nobody Touch a Hair on Hakeem's Chinny
… live your best life. So stop exercising and eating right y'all, and just do white stuff-wearing flip flops in October-followed by some black stuff-SMH'ing at a white person wearing flip flops in October-and you will be killing it. End of public …
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Interview: David Spade's Dirty Thoughts And Dearest Memories
While Almost Interesting looks back on plenty of tense, even harrowing moments (early on Spade muses "When your dad isn't there, you wonder what the fuck you did that was so bad to make him go"), it never gets too heavy for too long. This is a memoir …
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