Why Is Stan Lee's Legacy in Question?

Why Is Stan Lee's Legacy in Question?
He doesn't scan as a young man, exactly, but frozen in time a couple of decades younger than he is, embodying still the larger-than-life image he crafted for himself in the 1970s — silver hair, tinted shades, caterpillar mustache, jubilant grin …
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Hockey players embrace the 'hockey lifestyle' on and off the ice with hair flow
When Bloomfield realized his long hair was a good luck charm to his 94 percent save rate for the 2015 season, he decided to let it grow. Bloomfield, whose hair is now 10 inches long, has been … “It's being for the boys at all times, like, never …
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The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens
To grow a following on Tumblr beyond people you know, you have to post more than updates on your personal life—you need stuff that will resonate with strangers. … a darkened auditorium with 264 silent people in the seats. on the stage, me, sitting …
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