Why I Will Never, Ever Grow My Hair Long Again

Why I Will Never, Ever Grow My Hair Long Again
We’ve all met at least one woman with enviable waist-length locks who won’t stop complaining about how terrible having long hair is. You might be wondering what could be so bad about it, especially if you’ve struggled to grow out your strands. As a …
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Southern Oregon pot harvest underway, some growers wary of new market
She consults a business lawyer at a Portland law firm and packs her premium flowers, strains such as Skywalker OG and Peachy Pineapple, into trendy nitrogen-sealed tins so they keep longer on store shelves. One year after Oregonians voted to … “It’s …
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Joan Collins: ‘One can grow old, but one shouldn’t get old’
Shock-black little-girl curls of shoulder-length hair generously frame the mature, good looks of a countenance carefully created with long, dark lashes and ruby-red lips. “This is my own design,” she gestures towards …. “All very tame now, but they …
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