Why don't people see the yeti any more?

Why don't people see the yeti any more?
It's so isolated that up until seven years ago, before a hydroelectric plant was installed bringing electricity to the village, children here would only go to school for half an hour a day because no-one could afford to buy kerosene to light the …
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Honey Bunny
Without staring at the girls too directly, she can tell that their eyeliner isn't smudged, their hair is smooth and straightened, their concealer still effectively hiding any blemishes on their upper jawlines. She swallows … Was it a thick clump …
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Meet the world's first android actress
… house or going for walks in the surrounding grey-gold countryside. Fukada adapted it from a short play of the same name by Oriza Hirata, which also starred Geminoid F and Long, and has toured Europe, the United States and Canada since its premiere …
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