Tips to get Black and thick and long hair

Everyone is wanting her hair strong, shiny and healthy person. But alas, expensive shampoo  and conditioner after applying to any advantage. Child day by day go weak. If you are  concerned about your hair then do not worry. We are presenting some tips given by London  expert Philip Kingsley. Try and find them black, thick and long hair.

1. Philip’s hair after a break of 30 per cent are expected. Remember the shower while  washing hair conditioner after applying the shock no more drag. That mistake is to hurry to  go somewhere while combing. More force with hair makes them vulnerable to root.

2. Even if your hair dryer used to be stylish, but you know but it makes hair rough. Often  allows them to burn. Avoid using dryer or any electronic device. The comb, clean the  roller.

3. Long the hair will not cut it are Domunhe. The hair can not grow much. To avoid this,  please trimming once every 10 weeks.

Short brunette hair styles for black women

Rihanna Fenty deeply thoughtful loose curly head. He leaned back in his chair warm light  brown. Passionate about life and travel thoughts flooded his mind tired. Sadly the question  of imagination began to run around the virtual area Fenty Rihanna Fenty. It’s sad any offer  did not answer her questions. She asked herself if she is happier if she had various  decisions in the past.
She asked herself if she’s one of those short black hair styles  fashion latest images of women who have romantic relationships can be naturally happy black  women.

Hair dark-to-measure

1) premature hair Pusik be white indicating that the hair so you can not find the element calcium, sulfur, iodine, iron, copper, zinc, folic acid, Petothenik acid, para ?maino

Benjoik acid (vitamins B Kamleks component) containing plenty of nutritious foods! Nutritious fruits

Should the intake!

2) Smoking, drinking addictions, such as side effects, so to avoid damage to the hair!

3) People who eat yogurt regularly are far older than his hair remains black!

4) that iodine deficiency affects the function of the thyroid gland, in which white women’s hair

  Arises, iodine under the skins of fruits and vegetables and pineapple in part

  There is more! Physical weakness due to blood deficiency and early white women’s hair

  Charging the iron-rich diet should be nutritious!

5) daily breakfast and a glass of buttermilk after food intake of prematurely gray hair, not even

6) oil from the hair Prakratikarup if there is no need to put oil in the head, the hair

  Is natural to find oil by the Sibeshiys nodes! Using more oil in the head

  Dirt increases, causing hair loss reaches the roots and hamper Pusn!

  So at least check the oil!

7) in the hair does not use chemical shampoo! It afflicts hair! Herbal shampoo cleaning
  Use the!

8) Be sure to massage the oil once a week!

9) Aerved states that the regular consumption of fuel Mahatrifla premature graying of the hair root

  Are black! Jato hair is far too many problems

Home remedies for hair to black

1.  Amlki chemical half-teaspoon daily intake by the roots grow dark hair naturally.

2.  Take a small bowl, henna powder, two tablespoons of tea water, two teaspoons myrrh powder,

3.  Sikakai and Reetha powder, one tablespoon lime juice, two tablespoons of yogurt, an egg

4.  (they do not want to take the egg), half teaspoon coconut oil and – some catechu. The

5.  content of iron pan to soak overnight. Find hair wearing gloves in the morning, save the

6.  skin, the color did not look. Two hours after the wash. It is herbal tint, the black hair,

7.  but it will do no harm.

8.  Ever Ukhaden white hair, not so much these numbers are growing. If cut with scissors to

9.  remove hair white or black tips to follow.

10.  Triphala, indigo, iron filings – all three with 1-1 teaspoons of plant juice alba iron

11.  pan and put it in the night. Morning by the hair, wash after dry.

12.  Either side of the nose while sleeping at night Sdbindu 2-2 drops of oil are regularly

13.  Tpakate.

14.  The experiment gradually the hair is black. Any use of a constantly keep up to 5-6 months.

15.  Sdbindu using oil can also use the other.

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