The Jailbird, a short story by Jaki McCarrick

The Jailbird, a short story by Jaki McCarrick
She had the same air about her, a goofiness sort of, and her teeth were the same, too, narrow and overlapping at the sides, so that with her dark hair and fringe she looked just like Patricia Arquette in David Lynch's Lost Highway. ….. 'Been a long …
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Sacrificial Cows and Stone Lions
Long before this island became Okinawa, it was Ryukyu and, way before the Ryukyu Kingdom existed as an independent country, the land was ruled by Lords, known as Aji. They built castles in their … Their thick hide protects them from the ice cold rain …
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Lita Ford reveals trysts with Bon Jovi, Van Halen in tell-all book
She was just six days past her 13th birthday the first time she saw Black Sabbath in concert, and was taken with the godlike figures in shadow on the stage before her, “massive piles of thick, black hair.” “My life flashed before me as I focused on the …
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