The fashion of politics

The fashion of politics
What man could make as nuanced and layered an assessment of a competitor with a single remark about a hairstyle? …. An especially flattering photograph of Edwards appeared on the cover of Men's Vogue, taken by celebrity portraitist Annie Leibovitz.
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Women Pay More 42% Of The Time
We�re not just talking about clothing and haircuts� we mean, fashion and coifs. You�re even … Personal care products show the largest discrepancy in pricing, with women's products costing 13% more on average than equivalent men's products. Shampoos …

6 Things You Should Never Do to Your Hair
Celebrity hairstylist Amy Komorowski tells Men's Fitness that she recommends that most men get haircuts about once a month but it depends upon their hair. If it's a buzz cut, you'll need to buzz it every couple of weeks. For some guys, hair grows …
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