The best hairstyles for long hair


If you have long hair and you are sick and tired of wearing it in one style all the time you should take a look online to see what other styles you could try out. Long hair is incredibly easy to style and you will quickly find that you are able to rock the best styles of the season with ease, so instead of feeling bored with your hair you can start loving your look again. 
Celebrities are one of the best sources of inspiration when it comes to hairstyles as they often govern what’s hot and what’s not, so if you want to find out what would suit you all you need to do is look at the styles worn by celebrities that you look similar to. Look for stars that have a similar face shape to yours – the main shapes are oval, round, heart and triangle and you can easily find out which you are by drawing around the shape of your face in the mirror and seeing what comes out. 
If you have straight hair you should try putting soft curls in with a curling iron before you set off in the morning. This look works best if you have quite a long side fringe that you can keep straight. Simply put the curls into the base of your hair to help in framing your face and making yourself look gorgeous all day long. Don’t forget to set your curls with some good quality hairspray though!
Another style that is back in fashion right now is perfectly straight hair, which can be achieved by using a pair of straighteners. You should straighten your hair in sections to get the best results and always use styling spray to stop your hair from being damaged by the heat. 
If you often wear your hair down it can be good to try some up-dos once in a while, and one of the hottest of the season is the side bun. This style looks great for both casual and formal attire and it’s really easy to do as well – all you need to do is blow dry your hair as you normally would and then twist your hair into a bun around one inch from the centre of the nape of your neck. Fasten with a hair bobble and some hair grips to keep things in place and set everything with hairspray. 
And finally, adding some eye-catching accessories to your hairstyles will do wonders for changing things up a bit, making you feel great about your hair again. 


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