The 5 Fastest Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss is no longer a problem that is beyond the bounds of medical possibility. Over the years, a great number of hair loss treatments and solutions have been formulated. From over-the-counter medicine to topical creams to strand by strand hair replacement to all-out surgical operations, the evolution of hair loss treatment has indeed advanced significantly. The factors which determine what hair loss treatment is well suited for you will have to depend on what type of hair loss are you experiencing and what caused it. Below are the top five, fastest hair loss treatments that you can avail of if you’re suffering from thinning or complete loss of your crowning glory.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is, perhaps, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of treating hair loss. It is a surgical process which involves getting hair follicles (those which are not susceptible to balding) from one part of your body and moving or implanting them on a bald spot. There are many trust-worthy clinics that can perform hair transplant for you, but you need to make sure that you are ready to undergo such an operation because it entails surgical methods and recovery periods that may get in the way of your active or busy lifestyle.

Hair Growth Formulation Products

There are many hair growth formulation products available in the market today. Before you start choosing any of them, make sure that they are actually FDA-registered and clinically proven with no adverse side effects. Provillus is perhaps one of the more popular formulations available today. A product of Provillus Corporation, these hair growth tablets nourish and renew dead hair follicles. It also revitalizes your scalp, thus creating a healthy environment for fresh hair growth. Other products are actually “hair colour” formulations that aim to regrow and thicken your hair while colouring it. The range of hair growth and thickening formulations is so extensive that you’re sure to find the right formula that will fit both your needs and regimen.

Food Supplements

Among the top food supplements are Procerin, which is a natural hair loss treatment that you can purchase even without a doctor’s prescription. It comes in tablet form. This product is generally for men and may be used daily. Majority of the hair growth food supplements come in tablet form and must be taken daily. Almost all of them also boast of being “all natural” (making use of natural ingredients) and can not only regrow or thicken your hair but also fight off hair thinning or loss.

Topical Scalp Applications

Shampoos, gels, and serums are among the common products that can help in your battle against hair loss. An example of these topical applications are Regenix, Revivogen, and Tromin. Toppik, which is more well-known for being a hair thickener, claims to not only thicken your hair but also improve its cosmetic features! It boasts of improving both your hair condition and overall appearance.

Strand By Strand Hair Replacement

A non-surgical treatment for hair loss, the strand-by-strand hair replacement technique is quickly gaining popularity. And why not? It allows you to replace the hair you’ve lost without pain or scars! What happens under the strand-by-strand system is that hair replacement professionals will add real human hair to your bald spots by crisscrossing seemingly invisible fibres that perfectly fit the area where the new hair will be replaced. The crisscrossed matrix of new hair will then be bonded into your real hair through a method called PolyFuse.

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