Rising sons

Rising sons
As it does not seem likely that China's central government will have future need to employ martial monks to defend the country from Wokou raiders as it did in the old days, most kung fu students nowadays end up in the police force or on private …
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The barefoot kid from the bush
It taught him, he says, to be fatalistic: “We can plan for a long life, but let's live each day and enjoy it, because you never know.” Ken and Roza had two boys, Aaron and Brendyn, but after 25 years of marriage, they decided to separate. By then …
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Cate Blanchett and Her Red Carpet Journey
Never mind the interminably long awards-season dinners and mini-wardrobe malfunctions and two-cheek kisses with people harvesting newly named superbugs that only seem to strike at the heart of Oscar season. Never mind the reporters with their inane …
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