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At the time of Chrisette's PCOS diagnosis four years ago, the Grammy-winning singer was in the midst of a vegan diet and working with a holistic doctor, doing everything from kinesiology, Reiki treatments and leaning on her Christian faith “praying and …
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5 Foods That Taste Better in January Than They Will All Year
Never know what's growing now? Let's take it one season at a time, with the Foods That Taste Better Now Than They Will All Year. Chilly weather may have you dreaming of hot chocolate rather than the produce aisle, but some healthy foods taste …
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The Bachelor Season 20 Premiere Review: To Have and To Higgins
There are tons of people watching and tweeting and making me laugh out loud every episode and I no longer have people humorlessly telling me they "thought better of me" when they find out I've been watching it for, you know, 10 or 12 years or something …
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