On Being a Chinese-American Woman

On Being a Chinese-American Woman
or use the awful and cliché "me love you long time." I've found … To make matters even more confusing, I was born with thick, wavy hair, double eyelids, and pale skin with more bluish undertones than yellow — which no one else in my family has. I've …
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Baldly Beautiful reveals how women with cancer can still look glam
I didn't want to go through the whole process of waking up every morning and finding hair on the pillow or having to go through the balding granddad head stage. 'My husband shaved my head and took it right down to nothing. When I … Andrea perfecting …
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Lady Gaga Rocks Statement Bangs On 'Billboard' Cover — PHOTO
Gaga's face is framed by long, thick waves. There's no … It's a heavy look from another decade and the coif is capped off by thick, heavy, rolled bangs. It's a wig … Big hair requires even bigger bangs. The whole hair presentation framed her face …
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