Meet the mysterious Sackcloth People of Table Mountain (video)

Meet the mysterious Sackcloth People of Table Mountain (video)
Unlike many other hawkers, they aren't selling cheap Chinese imports, but medicinal herbs, roots and plants. Barefoot and clad in hessian, the Sakmanne, or Sackcloth People, live in caves on Table Mountain but venture down daily to trade at the city's …
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Beauty Geek: It Can Only Take So Much! 7 Damaging Things You're Unconsciously
There are a lot of things you do everyday that cause major and possibly long-term damage to your hair, and I am going to list 7 of them. Check them out and … Only new growth i.e: natural hair can withstand the harshness of relaxers. So it's best to …
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Five myths about growing hair faster and longer
Hair growth becomes stunted. Most experts agree that you cannot reverse split ends, so the next best thing is trim it. Grow your hair faster with this home remedy! The question now is how much to trim and how often to trim. Normally, hair grows about a …
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