Long Hair to Short Hair Transition For Women

Short hairstyles for women have always been around. Short hair styles are not a new concept, however, for women who have had long hair for their entire life they may as well be.

The one change that ladies, and men for that matter have a difficult time with is the long hair to short hair transition. This can be very daunting for most, and should not be taken lightly.

I believe strongly that this is one of those times were the hairdresser’s ability to give a professional consultation is very important. A hairdresser has the responsibility of giving the best advice to a client regardless of whether they agree or not. Sometimes what the client thinks is the right style for them and what actually is, are two different things.

You noticed I said the right style for them and not the best looking style for them. The reason is that although a style may be better suited as far as looks go to a person it is not always the most practical. We need to consider if the style is high maintenance or low maintenance and can the client manage the style themselves or will they need to visit a Salon every time they want to create the style.

Ladies, if you have had long hair for ever and you have now made the decision to cut it off tread carefully. Do not just go from long to short straight away. You’ve waited this long, whats the hurry.

There are so many stages before you get used to a new style the first one is the grieving process, the more you cut off the more you grieve. Then you have the shock factor the bigger the chop the bigger the shock so little steps are easier steps and then you have the what do I do with it now its so short.

Do not forget everything you have at home is for long hair your brushes your products electrical devices, all for long.

So the conclusion is less is best depending on how much you are actually cutting off do it in stages at least one if not more. It will give you time to get adjusted and everyone else around you adjusted to your new look.

It will also give your stylist time to adjust to see what you look like with shorter hair to see what you can handle and work out what your growth patterns are. It will also allow time for you to grieve, to get over the shock, to get organized with brushes electrical devices and products.

The most important step however is, talk to your stylist. If you do not have a good stylist who takes time out to consult on each and every visit the find another one. Walk in to a few Salons and ask a senior stylist for their opinion, then compare notes.

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