Lead: America's Real Criminal Element

Lead: America's Real Criminal Element
This has been a topic of intense study because of the growing body of research linking lead exposure in small children with a whole raft of complications later in life, including lower IQ, hyperactivity, behavioral problems, and learning disabilities …
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Born Chinese, raised American, an adoptee explores her identity
“I learned an immense amount from listening to the experiences of the Korean adoptees, who at that point were entering college and beyond,” Melissa says. “They were talking very honestly about the experiences they'd had, growing up primarily …
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Deadpool, film review: Sarcastic superhero can't quite save the day
His humour may be self-deprecating but that doesn't stop him taking sideswipes at other targets, including Beckham, for his squeaky voice, and Sinéad O'Connor, for her close-cropped hair. The joshing tone is set at the outset, during the opening titles …
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