In Defense of Man Buns

In Defense of Man Buns
When my boyfriend decided to grow his hair out, I didn't exactly know what to say. We just started dating, and I honestly didn't really care how his hair looked. … I have to admit it took a while for me to get warm up to it, especially during the …
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5 Ways To Nurture Your Introverted Strengths
The recent rise of discussions about introverts has been good for both extroverts and introverts in a number of ways, but what I have found most affecting is that much of the discussion, rather than pegging introversion as some kind of special disorder …
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What Our Bangs Tell Us About Self-Care, Regret, and the Nature of Being and Time
This photo with my brother captures a moment when I was finally committed to letting my hair grow out, following an intervention some weeks before: Much to my chagrin, my mom offered to pay for a haircut at the Hair Cuttery to try to make right what I …
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