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Hair style plays an important role in determining your style quotient. Long hair offers you the freedom to style it in many different kinds of ways.

The main criterion to be considered is that the hair style you choose should complement your facial structure.

If you have long hair then you can style it by letting it loose. The loose hair can be curled or can be left wavy.

You can have loose hair which is straight and smooth. This sleek look can be achieved by blow drying your hair and brushing it straight from the root to the tips. You can then use a straightening iron and make your hair smooth. Finally, part your hair from the middle or sideways, depending upon which look suits you the best.

Ponytails are another way to style your long hair. You can opt for low ponytails or high ponytails. Braiding your hair is another option for women with long hair. The braids will give you an elegant and classy look.

You can go for a messy look by first shampooing and conditioning your hair. Scrunch your hair while it is still wet by rolling the hair in your palm from the tip to the root. Gel your hair and try scrunching it again with your hands. Set the hairstyle with a hair spray.

Up do hairstyles are an excellent choice if you are attending any formal occasions. A very stylish up do hairstyle can be created by first blow drying your hair and putting it up in a ponytail. After this take small sections of hair and roll it from the base to the root using your fingers and secure it on your crown using bobby pins.

Create many such rolled up hair sections on your head in different directions. Finally use a hair spray to set the rolls in place. You can add extra glamor to this style by using hair ornaments to decorate your hair.

In another variation of this hair style, you can roll up the top layers of the hair while leaving the bottom layers open. You can then straighten your open hair and make it smooth. This will be very suitable for women who have thick and long hair.

Thus choose a hairstyle which suits you and be creative and versatile in styling your long hair.

Hair Removal tips

Beauty Tips in Urdu

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