How to Grow Long Hair and keep it looking healthy and shiny

Beautiful, flowing tresses aren’t just for Rapunzel!  Women everywhere love the elegant look and versatility that a longer mane can give, but many wonder how they can get the look when they are dealing with so many frustrating problems that cause breakage, damage, and frizziness.  If you have always wondered how to grow long hair but haven’t been able to keep it looking healthy and shiny, try out one or more of the following ideas.

The first step may be the hardest- it’s time to head to your local stylist.  The only way to get the look you want is to start with a healthy base.  Your scalp and all of the hair close to it must be in the best possible condition- split or frayed ends, dry or straw like strands, or overly processed styles will not grow out well.  You may need to cut off as much as several inches to get the look you are going for.  Ask for a great shorter style that will continue to look good as it grows- even short styles look better than damaged and dry longer looks.
After your original trim, you will need to keep going back to your stylist for maintenance trims to make sure that your body is growing only healthy locks.  You don’t need to chop off all your hair each time, but you do need to get a half inch or so removed every six weeks.  Make sure your stylist uses very short scissors so that he or she will not damage your existing tresses or cause more split ends.
Next, you need to kick the heat habit.  Any styling appliance like a blow dryer, curling iron, hot roller, or flat iron that uses heat to style hair also causes damage. Try to let your locks air-dry, and learn to create styles that don’t require heat.  When you want to know how to grow long hair, you should also learn about what causes damage and avoid anything that may lead to breakage.
On the same note, you will want to avoid using chemicals as often as possible.  One of the tips for how to grow long hair is to stop bleaching and perming your mane.  While those cute curls may look great, they can cause breakage and drying that will last long after the style is gone.  If you want to add color, look for formulas that do not contain peroxide.
Chlorine and saltwater are some of your mane enemies.  If you enjoy going swimming, make sure to wash your locks as soon as possible with a shampoo that is designed for this purpose.  If you swim more than a couple of times a week, purchase a cap that protects your mane and scalp from sun and chemicals.

Other tips for how to grow long hair include using supplements that encourage faster growth, purchasing shampoo and conditioner that prevents damage and strengthens strands, and washing your locks less frequently to reduce damage.  Avoid heat styling as much as possible, and have fun coming up with new styles for your rapidly growing tresses.

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