How to Find Good African American Hair Extensions

It’s no lie that most of us are not happy with our hair, and would love to get our hands on some good, durable, and life-like looking extensions for African Americans. But they are very difficult to find. Using a little good judgment and knowing what to look for can make all the difference.

First of all, many women of color don’t think about their hair style when they run out and buy extensions. But, if you don’t buy an African American hair extension that is compatible with your natural hair type and the way your hair grows, then it is going to look extremely fake.

Extensions come in a wide array of styles, textures, and lengths. Many African American ladies choose varying lengths, while others find lengths that compliment their current styles. Regardless of which you choose, the hair extensions, unlike real hair, will tend to always stay conditioned, hold their style, and color. This sounds great until you start to think about it. If you aren’t buying a hair extension that is made of real human hair, then on those days when your hair isn’t conditioned well, the hair extension is going to stand out.

This is one of the best questions you can ask about the African American hair extension that you are considering: is the hair extension made from real human hair? Now, having said that, then, you will have to take care of the hair extension so that it continues to look nice each time you wear it. And, let’s face it, most women do not just buy one hair extension, but many strands to achieve the look they want.

 When you find a product that looks good, immediately plug it into the internet to see if anyone has had trouble with them holding up. Hair extensions are not cheap, especially the good ones, so you need to spend the time taking care of them if you want your style and your extensions to last, not to mention making sure that the hair extension that you are buying doesn’t have any bad reviews.

African American hair extensions can give versatility to a cut, add pizzazz and fullness to a look, and be one of the best accessories a woman of color can own. Finding the right one, one that will hold up, is affordable, and is life-like, makes the difference in hair dreams, or hair nightmares.




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