How Much Hair Is Normal To Lose In The Shower?

How Much Hair Is Normal To Lose In The Shower?
If you're a girl with mid-length, long, or thick hair, you've probably had this experience: Get in the shower, wash your hair, find legitimate clumps of hair in the drain, and think "OMG, I'm losing my hair prematurely!" So really, how much hair is …
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Hair Tools 101: What You Need, Why You Need It
You're in the hot-tool aisle, virtual or otherwise, staring down barrel after barrel of hair dryers and rows of flat irons that promise to make your hair the shiniest in the land. As you assume the shrugging emoticon position and roll your eyes, you …
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How To Brush Your Hair Properly, Because Tangles & Knots Are A Pain
You'll wonder how you got through life using the wrong brush for so long and brushing your hair won't seem like (as much of) a chore anymore. Just think: Brushing your hair in all the right ways is useless if your brush isn't the right one for you. For …
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