Hair Loss Stages

Hair loss is a health problem that many are suffering from. Man or woman, it doesn’t choose its victim. Hair loss can be caused by a large variety of reasons and it can really hurt someone’s confidence causing them to function less.

A normal hair cycle grows for 2 years. The hair in our scalp can approximately grow about a centimeter a month. While 90% of your hair is growing, 10% is resting and falling out to make room for new hair to grow.

There are many things that can cause hair loss and the most ordinary is illness. If you have been sick for more than 4 months then you are most likely to lose some hair. This also applies to those who undergone surgery. There is also a direct link between stress and hair loss. However, stress related hair loss is often temporary and easily cured.

The main cause of excessive hair loss is actually hormonal imbalance. If your thyroid is over or underactive then your hormones might go imbalance and result to hair fall. This condition is pretty evident on women who recently had their baby. Pregnancy can alter hormones causing hair to fall out during 3 to 4 month of post partum. This is very normal so there is nothing to worry about.

Hair loss stages…

Here are the hair loss stages that might help you determine the severity of your condition.

Stage 1: stage one is where the hair growth cycle is normal. 90% of the hair grows for two to three years while 10% fall out and regrow.

Stage 2: stage two is when you start noticing that your hair line is thinning and moving back.

Stage 3: on stage three, you will start noticing a little more intense hair loss and hair line recession. The hair line can fall back as far as the temporal area.

Stage 4: on the 4th stage, you would start noticing that the back part on the top of your head has began losing hair leaving a bald spot often called as the bald patch.

Stage 5: this time the top front top of your head is thinning.

Stage 6: stage six is when the top of the head has completely gone very thin.

Stage 7: on this stage, the remaining hair on the scalp is almost gone and you won’t be able to see any hair growing anymore.

Those are the different hair loss stages that will guide the doctor on what treatment should you get. Most people can go really stressed about hair loss causing them to lose more hair. The best thing to do is try to address the cause of your hair fall first rather than buying shampoos or hair products for treatment.  

If you are suffering from excessive hair loss, consider getting advice from a professional first. This is the safest way to treat your condition as there are many products out there in the market that can only make the hair loss worse. To avoid further problems, consult your doctor and ask for prescriptions.

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