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Everyone goes through a time in their lives when they lose their hair and then they anxiously wait for it to re-grow. As irritating as it is to wait for the hair to grow back, it is even harder to see them fall off, day after day in front of your eyes. Hair growth depends on a large number of factors like one’s state of health, stress levels, hormonal influences, on diet, on medication (if taking any), hormonal influences, genes and environmental influences. Naturally hair grows at a rate of one centimeter in a month on an average.

Before putting in any efforts to accelerate the growth of hair, one needs to know the hair growth cycle. Normally a human head has an approximate of 100, 000 hairs. ‘Anagen’ is the first stage in which 90% of the hair grows actively at the same time. This stage lasts for six or sometimes ten years after which the second stage ‘Catagen’ begins. During this period the hair follicle starts degrading and the hair stops growing eventually. Finally it enters the last stage ‘Telogen’ which lasts for several months and the hair starts falling off and it’s very normal to have minimum of 100 hairs to fall in one day. So to make the hair grow faster, one has to minimize the hair follicle damage and do everything to maximize the hair growth in its first phase.

Diet affects majorly on the appearance of one’s hair leading to dullness, lifelessness and thinning of the hair, to poor hair growth and its fall off. One must have lots of fruits and vegetable as they have anti-oxidants in them which speed up the hair growth process. One must include protein in their diet because hair has Keratin protein in them and deficiency of it is the major cause behind the poor hair growth. One must also have enough of Omega 3 fatty acids essentially found in fish oil supplements or in oily fish. These fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties which can assuage any kind of inflammation in the scalp and they also help in nourishing the scalp as they help in proper blood circulation.

 Massaging the hair on regular basis helps a lot in unclogging the pores on the scalp, removing the dead skin and stimulating the blood circulation to the hair follicle. Massaging the hair with oil is even more beneficent as it nourishes the dry scalp and lets the hair grow freely.


Things to avoid doing to the hair:

– Avoid putting pressure on the scalp with tight elastic bands or pony tails.

– Don’t brush hair too hard as it damages the scalp.

– Avoid doing coloring, perming, blow drying, straightening and the like as much as you can, as it severely damages the hair follicle and makes the hair brittle. Hair tends to fall off more after getting any of these things done, so just avoid.

– Avoid excessive washing of hair with shampoos that has harsh chemicals in them. It tends to remove the natural oils from the scalp.

So just eat healthy and avoid doing external damage to your hair as much as possible and you’ll have fine lustrous hair for a long period of time.



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