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Growing hair has become one of the common problems for male and female indifferent age groups. Most of the time because of stress and an unhealthy lifestyle the hair fall. Therefore, most of the hair growth tips include a healthy diet and lifestyle. Also proper grooming is needed for a better hair growth.


One of the hair growth tips is to look into your diet because hair is living organ. What you eat also goes into it feeds on the nutrients and vitamins that you consume. One of the most simple hair growth tips is to consume foods that are high in vitamin D, C, and E. Moreover, calcium, iron, and zinc are also needed for a healthier hair. It is advised to seek the help of a physician on what diet should you follow not only for a healthier hair but also for a healthier body.


Your diet must include dark green leafy vegetables for protein. Protein is also important because it will help your hair follicles grow strong and grow healthier. You can also consume fish, eggs, and beans because these are also high in protein. Consumption of fatty acids can also be one of hair growth tips. Sources can be from fish, flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds. It is important to supplement your body with proper vitamins and acids to have a healthier hair.


Drinking of water can also help in boosting the growth of your hair. This happens to be one of the most uncomplicated hair growth tips that need around 8 glasses of water. Try avoiding alcohol and eating and consuming too much fat and sugar. This is because these can dehydrate you and will then leave you hair brittle, dry and very unhealthy looking.


Another vital tip is to keep you scalp and hair clean and tidy but do not always wash it with shampoo because it can make your hair dry. You can wash it with shampoo once every three days. You can rinse it water when you think that is it already needed especially when you have done something that had made you sweat.


The last hair growth tip to consider is to treat your hair gently. Do not tie it up too tough and do not pull it too much. Bruch your hair gently and try to find a good hairdresser who knows how to treat your hair. Also, make sure to use a satin pillow so that your hair won’t be brittle in the morning because of friction.


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