Grow Hair Long Fast with Golden Tips

There is no accounting for the way hair grows and though there are many facts and myths to grow hair long fast, the rate of growth for each one depends on their genes and other factors. Is there any way to accelerate the rate of hair growth so that it can grow out to its maximum length? We are aware of the fact that our hair grows to about six inches per year on an average for most people. All of us can work towards to maximizing the rate of growth of hair by following some golden tips.

The main requisite for growing long hair is to ensure that you care and nurture your hair every step of the way. We require to be disciplined and follow a natural hair care regime. Visit a professional hair stylist regularly to trim hair and remove all damaged and split end. Hair should be styled and trimmed by about half inch once in six to 8 weeks to encourage stronger growth of new hair. Try to maintain a hairstyle that suits you and trim hair in layers to allow hair to grow out naturally long and healthy.

Always try to flip your head downwards about 10 to 12 seconds a day so that the blood rushes to the head and brush the hair from the roots to the tips to ensure that the natural sebum is evenly distributed and the scalp is well stimulated.

Stress is a great deterrent of the natural growth process of hair. It is therefore vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid areas of stress as far as possible. Good health is wealth and it is up to each one of us to take care of our bodies and hair by taking the necessary foods, vitamins, supplements and minerals. This will encourage natural growth of hair and lower the stress levels. There are several ways one can achieve all these results to accelerate the rate of hair growth.
•  Massage hair regularly with natural oils and make this a regular ritual. Use good oils such as coconut oil and try using the Indian style of head massage when washing and shampooing hair.

•  Do not wash hair daily as you will end up stripping the scalp of the natural sebum.

•  Drink plenty of water and eat the right foods that contain the necessary nutrients to promote rate of hair growth. Vitamins are vital for nourishment and it is a good idea to take a multivitamin daily. Avoid nicotine, caffeine and drugs as this damages the hair and make it lifeless, dry and greasy.

•  Avoid harsh chemicals such as found in perms, coloring agents and certain shampoos and conditioners as they make hair brittle so that it falls quickly.

Try to adopt these following guidelines and ensure that you keep the system hydrated to retain the moisture in the hair at all times. You will find you are on the right track and will soon grow hair long fast if you abide by them on a regular basis.


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