Goodbye, Golden Age of Growth

Goodbye, Golden Age of Growth
Growth over the next quarter century will resemble the slow pace of 2004–2015, not the faster growth rate of 1994–2004, much less the rapid rate achieved between 1920 and 1970. … The digital revolution also showed its main effects after a long delay …
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Men's and Women's Den to close
When Larry Leonard opened the Men's and Women's Den in Lexington in 1972, it was the tail end of the hippie generation where people were letting their hair grow out. Fast forward 44 years, and he has seen just about every hair fad come and go, but he …
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Amber Le Bon reveals her hair and beauty secrets
HELLO! beauty editor Nadine Baggott took a flying visit to Paris to discover her style, beauty and hair tips. CLICK TO VIEW … It's the colour my hair would go if I lived in the sun for six months. That's the dream." … I also use Pillow Proof Two …

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