Exclusive: Will This Trump Groupie Change 2016?

Exclusive: Will This Trump Groupie Change 2016?
Seth Weathers looks like he just jumped off a Mad Men set. He's got the pressed navy blazer, light blue button-down and slicked-back black hair; in one hand is a glass of Jack, neat, and sitting close by is a pack of Camel cigs, which he lights with a …
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Welcome to Herointown, New Jersey's 4th-largest city
The men and women spanned ages 17 to 79. … The view is not unlike staring at the heart of Jersey City or Morristown — streets alive and bustling, hallmarks of a vibrant and growing community. There's a diversity of … When he arrived, there was a …
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For many at Liberty University, guns and God go hand in hand
Falwell's comments on guns — including pointed language about “those Muslims,” which he later said was referring only to Islamic terrorists — put a fresh spotlight on a fast-growing university with a distinctive blend of cultural conservatism …
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