Excellence with Simple Elegance

Excellence with Simple Elegance

Excellence with Simple Elegance shares Bonnie’s path through life, how she has dealt with life’s struggles, and how she has become a stronger woman because of it. Foreward The minute I was put onto Bonnie’s book, I knew it was a God thing. Any time an unlikely series of events leads you to discover something you needed in your life (whether you knew it or not) that you otherwise never would have found, you can be sure that’s the case. Sometimes the events are understated, other times the series of opportunities are SO unlikely, you wouldn’t be surprised to find our Lord and Savior scooping up a helping of shepherd’s pie as he settles in at your dinner table. I thought I heard you come in. We’re humbled to say the least. Pass the butter? In my case, the latter was closer to the truth. It was during the summer and I was deeply saturated in my work. I’m a writer, a wife and a devoted stepmom, but at this time, I was mostly a writer.

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