December's Must-Reads: Science, Technology, and Health

December's Must-Reads: Science, Technology, and Health
“How to Destroy an American Family” … Bacteria make antibiotics naturally, which means that if you can grow new bacteria in a lab, the microbes can offer up new drugs. …. But skeptical philologists are correct in observing that the pace has gotten …
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50+ Biopics on Black Public Figures Still 'In Limbo' – Here's the Full List
There are more than 50 biopics on the lives of black public figures in the works, based on the S&A archives – the majority of them first announced in the last 3 – 4 years, and, unfortunately, so few of them will actually, eventually see the light of …
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The New Attack on Hispanic Voting Rights
Philibert was a Republican, so Del Toro, a golf-playing member of the N.R.A., attended a couple of local Republican meetings, but he quickly decided the party was not for him: not only because Isbell and other Pasadena Republicans had become …. But …
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