Close shave as hipster beard fad fades

Close shave as hipster beard fad fades
“There have been some severe cuts on men; it's going softer now. “The scary thing that goes with that is that the mullet is going to come back; the fringe is getting shorter, the back of the hair's getting longer. Or if you're French, it's the “moo-lay …

Trumpet Hour: Spanish Elections and the Eurocrisis, Turkey Vs. Russia, What
And then the rest of the year of course you have the popular image of Jesus as a slender man with light skin, light blue eyes and long, flowing hair, often hanging on a cross. Forensic scientists in Britain have challenged that popular depiction. They …

You Wouldn't Believe the Lengths Some Men Go to Enlarge Their Penises
The Penis Enlargement Gym (, an online male community with nearly 70,000 members, promotes a penis-stretching exercise known as “jelqing” (also written as jelching, jeljing or jelging), which involves the pulling and stretching of a semi …
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