BREZSNY'S ASTROLOGY • Jan. 7-13, 2016

BREZSNY'S ASTROLOGY • Jan. 7-13, 2016
Almost 12 years later, you have returned to a similar phase in your long-term cycle. You are better equipped to do … You've got to take in more oxygen than usual for extended periods, and do it in ways that facilitate rather than interfere with the …
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10 simple ways to make your hair grow faster
Cotton also saps moisture out of your hair as well, making it become drier, according to Hair Care Manual. The key to long hair is keeping your hair-ends healthy. If they're breaking off, you're making negative progress with growing your hair out. Try …
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Let's Talk About Colorism In The Natural Hair Community
Part of my reasoning would be "protective styling" — low manipulation hair styles that will protect my hair during the winter months as I try to grow it out. … The frustrations that I experience with my own "4c" hair are frustrations that many black …
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