Blaze's Mane Man: Leifheit anchors offensive line

Blaze's Mane Man: Leifheit anchors offensive line
Leifheit said he chose to grow his hair after talking it over with a group of friends, who also were going to grow their hair long. "I was the only one that went … "He's done a really good job and has been a leader for our football team." Leifheit …
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Celebrate No Shave November by imagining politicians with facial hair
It's very rare these days to see a politician with facial hair. Long gone are the days of Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant, and it seems strange to imagine modern lawmakers sporting exorbitant beards. Fortunately, the creative facial hair experts …
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Tattoos help USC's Matulis chronicle his life and views
Columbia tattoo artist Andy Spreeuwers — who has tattooed South Carolina players Jadeveon Clowney and Alshon Jeffery, among others – is often Matulis' sounding board during long sessions in the tattoo chair. … “It really captivated me. It really …
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