Beyond the Pale: How I retain length in my Afro hair

Beyond the Pale: How I retain length in my Afro hair
Heat is probably the number one cause of hair loss in Afro hair. Heat manipulates the hair and dries out essential oils. Though using straighteners may seem like the best way to get the most out of your length, in the long run you're damaging your hair …

I Traded Boxed Dye For Organic Color, and I'm Never Looking Back
My roots were so long that she dubbed the new growth the "line of demarcation." She assessed the job and declared that a combination of bright blond highlights and more subtle brown lowlights would be the best course of action for my messy head of hair.
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6 Tips for Growing Out Your Curly Hair
If you see a celeb with a similar hair texture and face shape to yours with a great cut, ask your stylist if it might work for you. One thing pretty much every head of curls should have? "Layers!" says Lyvar, adding that they're the best way to battle …

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