Better Know a Commenter: royalcoffee

Better Know a Commenter: royalcoffee
This week's subject in the Better Know a Commenter series is a man who is always doing the Lord's work, converting non-believers to coffee, one mug at a time: royalcoffee. While we're all much more than just being Royals fans, … I wanted to grow as a …
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Walmart's closures leave gaping voids throughout small-town America
But here's one way in which that may have played out geographically: Stacy Mitchell, co-director of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, has run an analysis of all the Walmarts in the country and says that 89 percent of those on the closure list were …
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The Feel-Good Female Solidarity Machine
Perhaps Jessica Alba, the actress and co-founder of the Honest Company, which markets nontoxic household products, is in a white armchair, asking Gloria Steinem for “tips for how women can excel in the workplace.” Talk of …. “I don't think there's …
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