Bengals High 5: Five questions with Ryan Hewitt

Bengals High 5: Five questions with Ryan Hewitt
A: It was really cool seeing the Broncos win back-to-back Super Bowls when I was growing up. I never went to any … Q: In pictures of you from high school and early in college feature you have really short hair, but now you have some of the longest on …
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The 26 Biggest Health Conditions That Plague Dogs
Distichiasis is a disorder that occurs when a dog has extra eyelashes growing out of his eyelid. This condition can present no symptoms at all for dogs with soft hair, but those with thick hair might need to undergo surgery to have the troublesome …
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Smith: Special-needs son turns father's anger into unabashed pride – maybe
If you're an Angels fan, you've probably seen Trevor Hendershot, 25, with his bushy brown hair, glasses, braces straightening his smile and a giggle that quickly turns into a full belly laugh. He has Down … “I was shocked, heartbroken, and even angry …
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