6 Best Home Remedy For Hair Loss Fast

There are many reasons for people to lose their hair – from genetics to nutrition, from sickness to medication and from stress to hair styling – all these reasons can influence hair loss but they can all be managed. We do not want our precious hair to be at the mercy of harsh chemicals, do we? Neither do we want to spend a bomb on the various hair treatments available in parlors and salons. We would like to know of some home remedies for hair which would be everyone’s envy but owner’s pride.

1. The hair is basically made up of protein referred as keratin. To be precise, hair is composed of 88 – 90% protein. Hair strands emerge from a pouch, known as hair follicle. So, to get those shiny locks at a faster rate, one needs to feed the hair follicles, with ample proteins.

2. One of the simplest home remedies for hair would be massaging your scalp. Do this everyday for a few minutes with your fingers. Give your hair a hot oil massage and wrap a hot towel around your head for a couple of hours before you shampoo your hair.

3. Nettle root extract or saw palmetto: Nettle can be used for either men or women while saw palmetto should be reserved for men. These two herbs block the conversion of testosterone into much more powerful balding hormone DHT. DHT attacks the hair follicle rendering it incapable of producing new growth. Some follicles actually die as well. Our premise here is you can’t grow hair very well until you stop it from falling out. Saw palmetto has been studied endlessly and is an approved FDA ingredient for the treatment of balding and thinning scalp hair. Nettle on the other hand has not been studied as extensively but many European naturopaths believe its DHT blocking abilities to be superior to saw palmetto. Be sure to check labels and warnings before implementing either of these herbs for hair loss. Also, follow labeled dosage instructions carefully.

4. A daily exercise routine can also play an invaluable role to grow your hair faster. Basically, exercise promotes circulation of blood in various parts of the body. As we all know, the blood in our body carries oxygen, and so with daily exercise, oxygen delivery to the scalp increases dramatically, which helps to stimulate hair growth.

5. Heated oil penetrates your hair follicles stimulating growth. Oiling your scalp is more important than oiling the ends of your hair. Coconut milk is also good for the hair. Fenugreek seeds should be soaked in water overnight and crushed in the mixture.

6. Use garlic for bald spots. Editors at “Soulful Beauty” claim that garlic rubbed over a bald spot removes toxins from the skin and scalp as well stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles. Rub the garlic directly on the scalp at bed time, and allow it to dry completely. Next, rub some olive oil on top of the garlic, and cover or wrap your head. The garlic and oil mix is shampooed out in the morning, and the treatment is repeated every night until results appear, which may take several weeks.

Author is an online medical researcher on hair loss treatment. Click read more on hair loss treatment, how to prevent hair loss.

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