Long Hair to Short Hair Transition For Women

Short hairstyles for women have always been around. Short hair styles are not a new concept, however, for women who have had long hair for their entire life they may as well be.

The one change that ladies, and men for that matter have a difficult time with is the long hair to short hair transition. This can be very daunting for most, and should not be taken lightly.

I believe strongly that this is one of those times were the hairdresser’s ability to give a professional consultation is very important. A hairdresser has the responsibility of giving the best advice to a client regardless of whether they agree or not. Sometimes what the client thinks is the right style for them and what actually is, are two different things.

You noticed I said the right style for them and not the best looking style for them. The reason is that although a style may be better suited as far as looks go to a person it is not always the most practical. We need to consider if the style is high maintenance or low maintenance and can the client manage the style themselves or will they need to visit a Salon every time they want to create the style.

Ladies, if you have had long hair for ever and you have now made the decision to cut it off tread carefully. Do not just go from long to short straight away. You’ve waited this long, whats the hurry.

There are so many stages before you get used to a new style the first one is the grieving process, the more you cut off the more you grieve. Then you have the shock factor the bigger the chop the bigger the shock so little steps are easier steps and then you have the what do I do with it now its so short.

Do not forget everything you have at home is for long hair your brushes your products electrical devices, all for long.

So the conclusion is less is best depending on how much you are actually cutting off do it in stages at least one if not more. It will give you time to get adjusted and everyone else around you adjusted to your new look.

It will also give your stylist time to adjust to see what you look like with shorter hair to see what you can handle and work out what your growth patterns are. It will also allow time for you to grieve, to get over the shock, to get organized with brushes electrical devices and products.

The most important step however is, talk to your stylist. If you do not have a good stylist who takes time out to consult on each and every visit the find another one. Walk in to a few Salons and ask a senior stylist for their opinion, then compare notes.

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Grape Growing Secrets

This article is for all frustrated folks who have tried and failed to grow grapes and are looking to be more successful in growing your own grapes to make your own wine. Growing grapes has been around for many years and is enjoyed in many countries throughout the world. When you think about growing grapes one tends to think you need a massive garden but that is not the case you can grow grapes in pots in quite a small area in your garden if you wish. Growing grapes has been around for many years and is enjoyed in many countries throughout the world.

When you think about growing grapes one tends to think you need a massive garden but that is not the case you can grow grapes in pots in quite a small area in your garden if you wish. Of course if you are fortunate to have a large area then that is an advantage in respect of the quantity of the crop you reap.

I recently visited South Africa drove from Johannesburg right down to Cape Town. If you have not made the trip to South Africa then I highly recommend it. Just before I arrived in Cape Town I could not resist the opportunity to visit many of the famous vineyards. If you visit these vineyards you will find them very accommodating and you are able to taste the wines before purchasing.

Being a lover of wine myself I was able to take full advantage of this. Here is the thing you can buy wines in these vineyards that are not for export, what really put a smile on my face is the price you can buy a top quality wine in South Africa for less than a pound. This is where my journey began rather than paying ridiculous prices for wine as I live in the UK I decided I wanted to know more about growing grapes and making wine.

What I did not realise just how many of different varieties of grapes there really are, and how much is involved in growing grapes. First thing that I discovered it takes as much as five years before you can expect to get a full crop some times longer. Location is another important factor so you will need to do a certain amount of research in this area.

A common term used in the grape growing industry for the cultivation of grapes is viticulture Wine connoisseurs around the world are very fond of this term and it has been a popular term used from the person who grows grapes in their back garden to the professional who makes a living at growing grapes and wine.

The agricultural Zone rating is something you need to know before you select your vines. Most regions of land have a zone rating if you can access this information you will have more success in growing your grapes, which leads to making the best wine.

Do you like red wine or white wine? Or maybe both my partner likes red, but for me I like white, the combination of a good quality white wine plus good tasty cheddar go together like hand in glove. So be sure you pick the correct vine varieties for your taste.


Vines must be pruned several times per year but be careful not to do this before the leaves have begun to grow. The time of the year is very important try to do your pruning before December.

It is a fact that the quality of the grapes you are growing produce the best wines. In order to achieve this it is essential to find the best location for your vines, even with the help of modern technology today to produce the best grapes for the good quality wines location and careful planning is a very important factor, after all you want to get this right the first time as time is of the essence. Choose a south facing location if possible grapes love the sunlight.

Growing grapes and making your own wine can be a really good hobby and drinking your own wine and sharing it with your family and friends is a very rewarding experience.

Natural Hair Re-growing Tips for Men

You might be one of those guys who are already bothered by the slow depletion of hair in your head. And so, because of this, you decided to go to the mall and look for a hair re-growing product. After buying one, you carefully follow the instructions with a strong belief that your hair will be as thick and as shiny as before. Much to your disappointment, you already used the product for more than two months, however; there are still no changes with your hair. It still remained thin and is continuously decreasing every day. Well then, quit using the product and decide to take the re-growing of your hair in your own hands. In this article, you will be given simple tips on how to re-grow hair naturally for men.

Using oil in the morning to set your look is good. But what is better is massaging your scalp with oil every day. By doing this, you are sure that the oil gets to reach the scalp and the hair bulb, which is the living part of your hair that badly needs nutrition. By making sure that your hair bulb will not dry up, you can also be sure that you can prevent further hair loss and even dandruff. Make it as a part of your daily routine and you will be amazed on its effect on your hair.

Our diet can also affect the health of our hair. Without proper diet, our hair will be dull, dry and prone to breakage and hair fall. So, if you are planning to re-grow your hair, then you also have to pay attention to your diet. Eat a lot of green leafy vegetables and include fruits in your daily meal. This can help in making your hair healthy and shiny. Human hair is made up of protein, thus, you can also try high protein diet for it is one of the best ways to re-grow the hair.

Proper hair care in men is considered as vanity. But if you are desperate to have your hair back, then this is what you ought to do. Pay a little attention on how you can take care of your hair, that is,  choosing the type of shampoo that best fits for you. This is one way to re-grow them naturally. Proper hair care does not really need tons of effort but it can bring a big change.

If you really want to be successful in re-growing your hair, then keep stress away from your life. In the kind of lifestyle we have, stress is indeed inevitable. However, it can be managed. Knowing how to manage it can reduce its effect such as hair loss and even its serious effects like hypertension and stroke. You can limit stress in your life by eating healthy meal every day, making sure that you have at least six hours of sleep at night and exercising regularly. Battling stress and keeping it away can make your hair shiny and healthy.

The abovementioned tips are just a few of the things men can do to re-grow hair naturally. Never think that taking care of your hair is vanity for it is part of maintaining your healthy body. By adapting these simple steps, you will be surprised to see that your hair is thicker than before in a lesser period of time.

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How To Maintain A Healthy Head Of Long Hair


Unless you have been living under a rock lately, it should be no surprise that long hair is beginning fashionable once again. And I don’t just mean long straight hair. I’m talking about all hair types from curly and thin to fluffy and thick. All of these looks require less maintenance when they are longer, but you must be responsible.
One major benefit of having long hair is that it does not need to be cut nearly as frequently as short hair. Many salons may tell you that your long hair should be trimmed every six to eight weeks, but this is most likely just a suggestion. Most people can go a few months without a trim if it is maintained properly. This means keeping it free from split ends and such. Thankfully, taking care of your hair properly can help fight against split ends.
So how can you help keep your hair healthy and free of split ends? Well for one, your routine needs to be just as sound as the products you add to your hair. You should keep a healthy and balanced diet, and perform weekly exercise. Also drinking enough water is also important to keep your hydrated. Hydration is actually one of the most important factors. Your scalp is very thirsty, so giving it water will help keep it healthy. It is also important that your hair gets vitamins like C, E, D, and biotin. This can be found in a variety of hair care products.
When washing your hair, keep it to every other day. If you continue to wash every single day, you can actually be hurting your hair. It will be so clean that your hair will not be able to produce the correct amount of healthy oils needed. If you keep washing, your hair and scalp can actually dry out and this is not what we want. It is also beneficial to use something like Samy Twisted which is a light spray to help get consistent curly hair. This is recommended for curly long hair.
Lastly the use of conditioner is highly recommended, especially along the shaft and tips of your hair. I recommend using all natural shampoos which include ingredients like Jojoba oil, and Avocado or Shea Butter. After applying, comb the hair when still wet. Use a wide tooth comb or fingers and gently glide through the hair. If you comb too fast, then you could damage it. Keep up with this routine and your hair will stay healthy and beautiful!

Goshen Wilkins is a long time hair enthusiest and has worked with hair product such as Samy Hair Products and Samy Fat Hair. Both of these are great ways to take care of your hair, and are used regularly by Goshen.

Hair Products Are A Growing Business

To todays aware and look-conscious consumers, health and hygiene comes first, consumers today are more style conscious than in years gone by, and thus the sale of hair products is a fast growing market.

In this modern world both men and women equally are interested in hair care products and these products are no longer reserved to shelves searched by women only. Of course seeing this, the powers that be have created marketing campaigns to allure both genders equally.

Good hair care starts with hygiene and to this end there are many shampoos on the market for just about every hair type. Conditioners also play a vital role in the maintenance of our hair and most people do not even think what exactly a hair conditioner contains to give us soft, manageable, shiny, tresses.

A hair conditioners role is many and includes moisturizers to help stop your hair from drying, aids reconstruction, gives strength to your hair through protein, acidifiers which maintain the pH balance at about 2.5 to 3.5, detanglers which coat the hair with polymers, as glossers, and of course thermal protectors, which will protect your hair against excessive heat when using electrical appliances such as blow dryers or hair straighteners.

The UK market for hair products stood at approximately 1 billion over 2010 and is still growing. Thus new brands are mushrooming continually, pushing advertisements of hair products to be one of the most seen advertisements on television.

Healthy, shining, bouncing hair with impressive styles are some of the benefits that are being highlighted to promote hair products and hair treatments in the market. Shampoo and conditioners are usually sold separately but now the trend is to offer shampoo plus conditioner in one bottle in an attempt to cut the cost as well as add value in the shampoos.

Today one can purchase just about every hair product that has a unique role to play when it comes to hair care including cold protection, sun damage recovery, products for blondes, for brunettes, products for him, for her, hair treatments for brittle and damaged hair, you name it you can get it.

There has been much written about homemade solutions and one, Sesame oil, is said to be a homemade solution for summer hair care as it acts as a natural sunscreen by protecting hair strands from damaging UV rays. Of course prevention is always better than cure and with summer just a heartbeat away, we can all take care of our hair during the warmer weather. Protect your hair from the elements by wearing a hat, use a conditioner with sunscreen which can help prevent UV damage and of course wash your hair immediately after exposure to salt or chlorinated water.

A spokesman for Fabriah professional hair products online said we stock every hair product to protect, rescue and clean hair. Our hair treatments are made by top brand names such as Redkin, Loreal, Tigi, and Wella, to name but a few. Our website is full of good advice and products for every hair type and of course we deliver to your door FREE if resident in the UK.

Hair products are big business and with plenty of choice make sure you choose what is best for you, before you add your bit to this ever growing market.

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6 Best Home Remedy For Hair Loss Fast

There are many reasons for people to lose their hair – from genetics to nutrition, from sickness to medication and from stress to hair styling – all these reasons can influence hair loss but they can all be managed. We do not want our precious hair to be at the mercy of harsh chemicals, do we? Neither do we want to spend a bomb on the various hair treatments available in parlors and salons. We would like to know of some home remedies for hair which would be everyone’s envy but owner’s pride.

1. The hair is basically made up of protein referred as keratin. To be precise, hair is composed of 88 – 90% protein. Hair strands emerge from a pouch, known as hair follicle. So, to get those shiny locks at a faster rate, one needs to feed the hair follicles, with ample proteins.

2. One of the simplest home remedies for hair would be massaging your scalp. Do this everyday for a few minutes with your fingers. Give your hair a hot oil massage and wrap a hot towel around your head for a couple of hours before you shampoo your hair.

3. Nettle root extract or saw palmetto: Nettle can be used for either men or women while saw palmetto should be reserved for men. These two herbs block the conversion of testosterone into much more powerful balding hormone DHT. DHT attacks the hair follicle rendering it incapable of producing new growth. Some follicles actually die as well. Our premise here is you can’t grow hair very well until you stop it from falling out. Saw palmetto has been studied endlessly and is an approved FDA ingredient for the treatment of balding and thinning scalp hair. Nettle on the other hand has not been studied as extensively but many European naturopaths believe its DHT blocking abilities to be superior to saw palmetto. Be sure to check labels and warnings before implementing either of these herbs for hair loss. Also, follow labeled dosage instructions carefully.

4. A daily exercise routine can also play an invaluable role to grow your hair faster. Basically, exercise promotes circulation of blood in various parts of the body. As we all know, the blood in our body carries oxygen, and so with daily exercise, oxygen delivery to the scalp increases dramatically, which helps to stimulate hair growth.

5. Heated oil penetrates your hair follicles stimulating growth. Oiling your scalp is more important than oiling the ends of your hair. Coconut milk is also good for the hair. Fenugreek seeds should be soaked in water overnight and crushed in the mixture.

6. Use garlic for bald spots. Editors at “Soulful Beauty” claim that garlic rubbed over a bald spot removes toxins from the skin and scalp as well stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles. Rub the garlic directly on the scalp at bed time, and allow it to dry completely. Next, rub some olive oil on top of the garlic, and cover or wrap your head. The garlic and oil mix is shampooed out in the morning, and the treatment is repeated every night until results appear, which may take several weeks.

Author is an online medical researcher on hair loss treatment. Click read more on hair loss treatment, how to prevent hair loss.

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